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Hi there,

My name is Ruben Gees, and I'm the founder of Geezer Agency.

After 8 years being active in the start-up and scale-up industry, the time is here to start my own agency. I've been part of the management teams of Twipe Mobile Solutions and THEO Technologies. I've held different roles and responsibilities within these companies ranging from Project Management, Product Management, Sales, Marketing to looking for government funding.


At Twipe I played a significant role in closing their first customers in France, Germany and the UK. Furthermore, I helped define new products/business verticals which we launched from scratch onto the market.

My biggest achievement however has been at THEO Technologies, where I was responsible for the marketing team for 3 years. THEO Technologies was awarded 2 years in a row fastest growing company in the media industry in Belgium according to the Deloitte fast-50 competition. We secured 4 year growth percentages of respectively 2076% (2018) and 1730% (2019) in turnover. This achievement even allowed us to list as 47th fastest growing company in the EMEA region in the Deloitte fast-500 competition. Within those 3 years we also significantly increased the Life-Time-Value VS Cost-Per-Acquisition ratio which gives you good insights on the efficiency of your marketing and sales processes.

So now I want to share what I learned with the industry, with this agency. I could probably do a lot by myself, but with where I'm aiming to go, I'll have to recruit a team with even more specialized people to support you with the latest marketing and sales skills.


Interested in my story? Feel free to reach out to me and lets have a chat. 



Tel: +32 497 39 10 19

Wildemansweg 18 - 3

3020 Herent


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