Marketing Sprints

The main responsibility of marketing departments is typically to generate qualified leads through the creation of thought leadership content, attractive ads and converting funnels.

At the same time they are expected to organize industry trade shows, PRs, a style guide, document templates, even supporting HR with posting job offers on the website.


Managing all these tasks in parallel and managing the right priorities is one of the biggest challenges a marketing department faces today. Organizing your marketing team using agile marketing sprints offers a solution. 


This training session is aimed at rolling out a marketing sprint process within your company. Depending on your requirements we will:

  • Identify and document the current marketing activities and responsibilities.

  • Implement the marketing sprint process using your project management tool or a free alternative at our disposal.

  • Train people in how to estimate their workload and sprint commitments.

  • Introduce and guide your team through the process of sprint kick-off sessions.

  • Introduce and guide your team through the process of daily stand ups.

  • Introduce and guide your team through the end of sprint demo and retrospect.

  • Identify the different roles and responsibilities the people within the team should take for successful sprint execution and shielding.



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