Purchasing a product or a service, especially when it comes at a premium price, is rarely an instant decision. We talk about the buyer journey, the process people go through in identifying what they really need.

In the world we live in today, where prospects can freely educate themselves on the web, its essential that you, as a business, stay at top of mind for your prospect throughout this journey. As more and more of these decisions are being made with limited sales interactions, helping to guide your prospects in their buying journey is now very important.


Companies who are winning today are often generating more leads through their inbound marketing funnels, than their outbound sales executives. This course is here to help you get started with funnel marketing  


This program is aimed at helping you getting started with marketing funnels. If you are already acquainted with the funnel marketing processes, we can give you some advice as well if you're stuck. Here is what you can expect:

  • Definition of your market segments and buyer personas.

  • Training on the buyer journey.

  • Explanation of the value ladder framework.

  • Strategies on getting prospects into your funnel.

  • Types of content you can and should create depending on your team's capacity.

  • Review of your current e-mail strategy.

  • An introduction to a working video strategy.

  • KPIs in your funnel, what is 'good'?

  • Tools to get you started with your funnel marketing strategy.



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