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And here it is... Geezer Agency!

Updated: Jan 11

As the founder of Geezer Agency, I'm very excited to announce Geezer Agency is finally a thing. Well, finally, we already started mid August 2019 with a first customer Raskenlund, which we're supporting with their marketing and sales challenges.

What is Geezer Agency?

Having worked over 10 years in the start-up and scale-up industry, I still see too many companies struggling with their marketing and sales efforts. In Belgium, and maybe in Europe in general there are only a handful of people who know how to build such organisations from the bottom up. I have done it a few times now, and hope doing it again with Geezer Agency.

Our mission is pretty straightforward: we want to fill the gaps between marketing and sales by installing scalable business processes within your organisation. Damned, that sounds hollow, and for now it is hollow, as all my learnings are still in my head and not published yet onto this blog. But let's make it a little more concrete.

What can I expect from Geezer Agency?

On a boring Ryanair flight, mid November, I opened my Notes app, and started to think... If I would write a blog, what would be the topics... This is the list I came up with.

  1. Operational: Agile Marketing (running marketing sprints, campaigns)

  2. Tactical: Marketing team composition

  3. Operational: inbound cadences / sequences + wolving

  4. Strategical: the RAD model

  5. Tactical: value ladders

  6. Tactical: buying journey

  7. Tactical: the sales funnel

  8. Operational: what’s a good funnel

  9. Tactical: SaaS automated funnel marketing

  10. Strategical: the importance of partnerships / partnership marketing

  11. Operational: how to ace events

  12. Tactical: how to get video right?

  13. Operational: how to create good email newsletters?

  14. Tactical: gating your content

  15. Operational: growth hacking tools (zapier, SpyFu, Phantom Buster)

  16. Operational: CRM systems, the importance of tagging

  17. Strategical: calculating your total addressable market

  18. Operational: how to win with LinkedIn Ads

  19. Operational: how to win with Google Ads

  20. Operational: how to win with Facebook Ads

There is no cheating here, I wrote this down in 30 minutes. Soon I realized, you should do something more with this. And so here we are. Oh, this list will definitely change the coming weeks, so make sure to check my blog regularly.

A week to get organised

I knew starting a company would require my complete focus for a while. So I left my wife at home (I miss her so) and went to Spain, a little like how Facebook used to rent a holiday house in its early days to get work done. As its low season where I am (Lo Pagan), there is nothing here to do but to work and, at least at noon, enjoy the sun.

Geezer? What's that?

A Geezer is British slang for a bloke, a dude, a guy,... well actually, how I would like you to remember me. I'm a no bullshit hoody wearing millennial. I could pretend to be someone else by wearing a suite and a tie (and according to Neil Patel, who is one of my influencers, I could charge more money doing so), but that's not what I'm after. My main focus is to make your business or company to succeed, and by doing so, I'm sure mine will flourish as well. For the hip-hop lovers among us, I'm also a big The Streets fan and as you know Mike Skinner is using the word all the time in his lyrics. Finally, I'm from the Belgium city called Leuven, where everyone has a nickname. Its even written down in our tourist guide that everyone does have one. Inspired by my last name, some people call me Geezer.

Let's cut the small talk for now. This is my first post and an introduction to our company. A lot more will come in the next week and I hope to publish some video's very soon as well.

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