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Inbound lead & first proposals (Diary EP03)

Dear visitor,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been receiving so many positive vibes from all of you! Everyone is so supportive and curious about what I'm doing. From the feedback I receive most people like my transparency and very personal writing style. As it's Wednesday, I'm sitting at Studio Start (so if you want some free marketing & sales advice, feel free to bring me a visit :-)). But, as I have some time available, I'm also taking the time to write a blog post.

You might already be bored about my quote now, but more (quality) content = better seo = more visitors. But enough about that, let's start with the first achievement of the past week!

I got my first marketing qualified lead

I might have told you this already, but as a marketing growth agency, and a true believer of inbound marketing as the driver of a scalable growth process my goal is to not do any outbound activity, but generate all my leads through inbound activities. Small side note, I'm currently not spending a single euro on ads (Facebook / LinkedIn / AdWords).

As a refresher, what is a marketing qualified lead again? It's someone who goes through several steps of your marketing funnel and can be handed over to sales for further qualification. The difference between a new contact and a marketing qualified lead is that a marketing qualified lead has been qualified by marketing (either automatically or manually) as someone where there is a real sales opportunity.

My LinkedIn posts turned into some marketing qualified leads over the past days, but those were mainly people I already knew or had a vague connection with. 3 weeks after launching, I'm happy to announce that a first inbound lead came in from a company I didn't had any earlier connection with. That's a big achievement for me as an agency, so I'm very happy about this.

I'm sending out offers now

I've been able to turn some of my marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads, meaning I've been able to send out some offers. 3 in total actually. I'm aware not every week will be like the past week, but step-by-step, small improvements at the time and we'll get there!

One more lead magnet

A lead magnet? Quick refresher: A lead magnet is a piece of content, a voucher, a webinar,... which you give away for 'free'. Well, the visitor typically 'pays' for the content with it's e-mail address. Well, if you don't pay for the product, you are the product, right?

In my previous blog post I briefly mentioned I published the 1' marketing survey, which is a good example of a lead magnet. This week, I created a second lead magnet. So today my website runs two lead magnets:

  1. The 1' marketing survey.

  2. A quick guide on marketing sprints.

What, marketing sprints again? Yes yes, why not re-use your quality content, format it as a publication (shout-out to the Twipe readers who will confirm that a publication generates value and as such brings a willingness to pay) and offer it as a lead magnet? As such, you win 2 times and you only have to do the main effort (writing the content), once. Not everyone will be going through your complete blog anyway. So I decided to push this content into a quick guide.

Creating the quick guide, given I had the content, didn't take me more than 4 hours (and I had to create all the page templates). I'm using Canva as a tool to create these (which is free, hurray), but I'm sure a tool like Figma could be efficient as well (which is also free, hurray).

Website Statistics

As promised, below you can find a comparison of my Episode 1 numbers VS my Episode 3 numbers.

At first the numbers look very positive. I looks like the past two weeks I was able to almost double the amount of clicks (15 -> 56), double the amount of impressions (147 -> 295) and get a 100% improvement in click through rate (10% -> 19%). Furthermore on average the keywords I rank for allow me to position on average at position 59.2 VS 69.6 in the past.

While all of the above is true, we need to look into some more details. For instance, the search terms I ranked for are almost all gone. I noticed Google took a lot of the search terms based on the logo's I have on my homepage like Opteo, Phantombuster and Lead Feeder. While I was happy these were generating traffic, you can't fool Google and as I'm not (yet) creating any very valuable content on these products, they unranked them. Furthermore these keywords were not really generating clicks so it makes sense they unranked me for those keywords.

So the clicks I'm generating are still majorly people searching for Geezer Agency. And that explains the numbers as well. If you look at impressions, I got double the amount of impressions, but I only launched Jan 14. So you can hardly say I got more impressions, I would call it rather stable to be honest.

And that brings me to the conclusion of this part of the blog post. It's very easy as a marketeer to fool yourself by sharing a story as being positive although it's just ok or maybe even not ok? The most important is, what corrective actions do you take to further improve. In my case that is to generate more content and share it on different outlets.

Next steps

As always I end my post by sharing what will be my next steps. I'm so surprised about the amount of time everything takes if you have to do every single task by yourself so on a personal marketing level I think I'll keep it to launching my own YouTube channel, a new piece of content and maybe another lead magnet.

Have a splendid week!



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