About Geezer Agency

Why Geezer Agency?

Why would you leave your well paid job at one of the fastest growing technology scale-ups, THEO Technologies, in Europe to start an agency given there are tons of agencies out there? Why would you create a new one?

When I started at THEO Technologies their marketing was supported by one of the most finest and famous marketing agencies in Belgium, yet, they under-performed and failed to deliver. We decided to have some other agencies pitch, but couldn't find what we were looking for. As a result, we decided to take the marketing in our own hands.

Both in 2018 and 2019 THEO Technologies was rewarded with one of the highest distinctions you can get in the industry as fastest growing tech company in the media industry. Number 4 fastest growing tech company in Belgium and number 53 fastest growing tech company in Europe.

When I realized, what we've done at THEO Technologies can be put in a model, and is basically repeatable. I decided to jump and start my own company: Geezer Agency.

The three services we provide (performance marketing, growth marketing & sales and CRM configuration) are carefully selected because your success for growth start with the perfect alignment of these three processes. As such we want to be your one stop shop for digital success.

Company Values

Work Smart, Play Hard

"I've never been impressed by someone working hard" the former COO at THEO Technologies, Luc Robijns once told me. He is right. Have you ever been impressed by someone for working 14 hours a day? If you think about it, working hard is never impressive, especially now that modern research shows that finding balance in your work and private life will make you perform better than doing a lot of hours. Finding that balance, and optimizing your way of working (for instance, finding a way to reduce a 14 hours task to be done in 2 hours) is what we go for.

Get into the Flow

If it's working from home, working with music or drinking liters of coffee, we strive to get the people we work with into the flow. What's the flow? It was discovered by the American Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and it's the concentrate state you get in where you forget everything that's happening around you. You forget you're working and you're realizing above human results. In order to be able to get into the flow we give people a lot of freedom, limit our meetings and allow people to work wherever and whenever they want.

We're humans in the first place.

Solidarity, politeness and correct business ethics are part of our DNA. Thread employees and your customers with respect and our brand 'Geezer Agency' will be respected.

We don't believe in ethnics, race, gender, or anything that puts people into boxes, although some of the tools we use will put people into a box (think persona analysis). We're masters in automation, but no robots and stands as humans above every generalist way of thinking.