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Geezer Agency consultants are unique as they know both sales and marketing. In no time they deployed revenue generating growth engines within my commercial organisation

Edwin Rozie, Founder & CEO -

skyRocket your sales & marketing machine

Geezer Agency is passionate about shaping sales and marketing machines. We share over 10 years of industry experience, with most of it in SaaS start-up and scale-up environments. Lessons learned in these harsh, growth focused enterprises have lead to the foundation of this company.

We're not focused on sharing some growth hacking techniques, nor do we have the ambition to spend days on designing your marketing messages or fine-tuning your sales closing techniques. Geezer Agency is here to install end-to-end repeatable and scalable growth engines within your commercial organisation. From the first contact to the closing of the sale we'll get you set for launch.


Fundamental BelieFs


Marketing teams today have many responsibilities. The so called T-shaped marketing team is responsible for PR, influencer marketing, agency management, social media marketing, video, e-mail marketing, funnel marketing, analytics, content marketing, SEO, SEA, social media advertising, lead generation / qualification and events. Running your marketing team using marketing sprints will help your team to set the right priorities and run several marketing experiments in parallel.


According to recent studies, when it comes to complex products over 50% of star performing sales have a challenger profile. It's a profile where the seller teaches their customers what to do, help define their sales process and take over control of the customer conversation. This stands in contrast to the approach most companies take today which is based on relationship building.

Good thing, becoming a challenger sale is something that can be taught.


No single product or service was right from the first time. The same is true when you're creating a new piece of marketing collateral or when you're building a new sales deck. After all, prior to launching a new campaign or showing your new deck to a prospect, you don't know if it will be successful or not. So be agile in your approach and launch several things in parallel. Measure what works, improve and discard the failed experiments.



Tooling is essential in today's marketing & sales processes. However, the tools you use are not that important. It's what you do with them. For every tool listed below, an alternative exists with which you can do practically the same. A non-exclusive list of the tools we recommend and are experienced with are given below.

Content Management Systems


Marketing Automation


Content Relationship Management

Growth Hacking

Content Creation


Our Services

How do we proceed? Usually we start by holding up a mirror to you. What's going well? What needs improvement? Based on this analysis, we'll come up with a plan. In that plan, we discuss a strategy for the coming months, as well as the ideal team (internal + new profiles) to execute the strategy.

Do you already have a strategy and a team, but need temporary reinforcement? No problem, drop us a message and we will contact you soon.

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