Do you use a different toolset? No worries, chances are real we've tested in the past and if not, we're always eager to learn.
‍From over 100 marketing and sales tools we've made a selection of our favourites.

Performance Marketing

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is the paid version of all the Google Tools and includes Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, Analytics 360, Data Studio, Optimize 360, Surveys 360 en Tag Manager 360.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are especially interesting in a B2B context where the revenue per lead is significant. Targeting works pretty well and new advertisement formats are frequently released which makes it an interesting platform.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads you can advertise on both Facebook and Instagram. While most people see Facebook as a B2C network, Facebook Ads work very well for B2B given you do it right.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Active Campaign

Active Campaign offers next to a great CRM system tools to automate your sales pipeline, track your contacts on your website and capture leads with dynamic forms.

The sales pipeline is represented using a Kanban dashboard (which you might know from Trello or Jira) and is one of our prefered ways to represent a sales pipeline.

Active Campaign is our choice of preference if your goal is to generate and follow-up new leads using marketing techniques.


Hubspot is probably the most popular and used CRM system at the moment. They attract new users through a great content marketing strategy from where prospects create a free account to try their service.

If you want to make full use of their service however, you'll have to pay. And as you grow the cost will quickly grow to a few thousands of euro's a month. But, it's worth it.

Next to strong marketing tools (E-mail Automation, Website Visitor Tracking, Lead Scoring), Hubspot has some good sales automation tools available like call sequences and a Kanban sales pipeline representation.


Salesforce, as the name implies, is specialized in supporting sales organizations. So they really excel in offering sales automation and sales reporting tools.

Next to their own growth marketing toolbox they integrate very well with Pardot which is to say the 'Rolls-Royce' in the marketing automation toolboxes.

If you simply want the best and money is no issue, a Salesforce combination with Pardot is what you could consider.

Sales Supporting Tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A Sales without Sales Navigator is like a carpenter without a hammer, a bar without beer, a bakery without bread,...

If you can't afford the 70 euro per month for an account, you should consider not buying your employee a laptop as well.

Anyway, Sales Navigator will allow your sales team (both account managers and business developers), to search through all the employees within a specific company and build valuable connections.


Always wondered who's surfing on your website? Leadfeeder can identify which company is looking at your website (they use the company's IP address for this).

Using the company information together with LinkedIn Sales Navigator will allow you to make a good estimated guess at who's looking at your website.


Once your sales reps are up-to-speed managing a calendar with multiple open meeting requests becomes hard. Allow your prospects to choose the best time to meet by sharing your calendar.


Active Campaign

Active Campaign is great to build automated e-mail campaigns. It has a WYSIWYG editor which is not always the easiest but once you get the hang of it, you'll be making email campaigns in minutes instead of hours.


Lemlist is a real tool for Growth Hackers. Do you want to send a personal e-mail to 500 contacts from your own e-mail address without being put on a spam list? Then Lemlist is your solution.


The cutest monkey on the internet is Mailchimp. Once and still the preferred e-mail marketing tool of many, in our opinion the available features get a little bit outdated. That said, still one of the best to create your monthly newsletter, and free up to a limited amount of contacts.

Marketing Automation


Zapier is the most complete tool to link all your other tools together.

Would you like to receive a notification in slack when someone completed a form on your website? Check!

Would you like to set a reminder in your agenda to call a prospect when they visited a specific page on your website? Got it...

Zapier will allow you to automate almost all your workflows. The only limit is your imagination


IFTTT or If This Then That is an alternative to Zapier. Currently maybe more used in IoT. IF 'Sun is Shining' THEN 'Close Curtains' or something like that.


Simplify your daily Google Ad Campaign follow-up with Opteo.

The AI driven tool will suggest optimizations to your campaigns which you can often implement by a single push of a button.

Outperform the competition in no time with lower CPCs and world class Ad Quality scores even as a small company.


SEM Rush

The most complete SEO toolbox on the market today goes by the name SEM Rush. Find the gaps in your content strategy by performing a keyword analysis. Very good for big B2C companies, maybe a little too expensive for B2B.

Ubersuggest by
Neil Patel

Ubersuggest is a cheaper alternative to SEM Rush. It was developed by the team behind Neil Patel, probably the best known marketing guru at the moment.

Great tool and handy browser plugin.

Google Lighthouse

If you're looking for the best tips to boost your SEO, who better to consult than Google?

Google Lighthouse is part of every chrome browser and provides you with feedback on your website performance.

Growth Hacking


Python is the preferred programming language when you're scraping the web. Several libraries make it fast and easy. Together with used for webscraping

Phantom Buster

Growth hacking for Dummies. Phantom Buster, the easiest way to get started with web scraping. In no time you'll build a very specific list of prospects for your sales reps to contact.

Easy, especially since no programming skills are required.

Cute Web

Pretty interesting e-mail address scraping tool. Input a list of websites, and Cute Web will extract all the e-mail addresses it can find.

Content Creation


Invision + Zeplin + SketchApp but for free and collaborative? That's Figma. This tool is too good to be true. Allthough it can't do everything you can with the Adobe Suite, Figma supports 99% of my graphical challenges. Oh, everything you see on this website was designd using Figma.


The fastest and easiest way to create templates for your print media (brochures) or social media posts.


Video is hot and editing is hard. Kapwing will simplify it significantly and provides you with the power your ultra thin and light notebook is lacking to do basic video editing.

Content Management Systems


Probably the most superior CMS system I've used in the past 15 years or so is Webflow. It's smart, it's easy, it's customizable, it's mobile friendly, it's good for SEO.

If you have a little technical knowledge, choose Webflow over WordPress. It will save you a lot of time.


Who doesn't know WordPress? It's probably the most used CMS. But it's old... And that you notice.

WordPress is rather slow, and not that well optimized for mobile. And I believe that for the future, this can be a burden and maybe even push it to legacy.

But as long as you won't get penalized too hard by Google for your limited performance, you can use it with its +1000 plug-ins.


Hubspot is great. It's fast, it's smart, it measures basically everything your visitor is doing.

And the CMS is actually pretty good as well. It comes with SEO optimization tools, a template library, easy WYSIWYG editor for blogposts.

But it's rigid and a very closed system. It will be hard to implement third party plug-ins and given it has its own language for template creation, developers that support it are limited and often expensive.