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Delhaize - 2021 & 2020

Delhaize is one of the main Belgian grocery stores and part of the international retail giant AHOLD (which holds brands like Delhaize, Albert Heijn,,...). Delhaize has over 120 physical stores but also allows its customers to do online groceries and domestic deliveries.

As part of their digital transformation strategy, they were looking for a partner that could support them with on point performance marketing. Through the Brandbloxx network, Geezer Agency teams up with Magis.Agency and Hakacia to provide Delhaize exactly that.

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Ticketmatic - 2020

Ticketmatic is the main supplier of concert and performing art ticketing services in Belgium and The Netherlands. With a majority share in these regions they are looking to expand their services worldwide...

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InTouch - 2020

InTouch is the number 1 provider in mobility software. Astrid Thienpont (CRO) and Geezer Agency build a growth engine in a few days. Through careful follow-up the amount of leads it generates starts to boom. The development team today has a backlog of 6 months project work.

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ALLBERT - 2021 & 2020

ALLBERT is a new virtual mobile network in Belgium (or phone subscription). We support ALLBERT in their go-to-market signing up first customers.

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Ativo - 2020

After developing a great piece of software for one of its customer, former freelancer Edwin Rozie (CEO) decides to design a company around it.
He turns the software into a product and does a soft launch... Nothing happens... What follows are months of finding the correct product/market fit. 
Not there yet completely he signs his first big deal with an American company in September 2020. From 0 to 1 within a year!

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Raskenlund - 2019 & 2020

For over 15 years, Karel Boek is CEO of Raskenlund, a company specialized in providing services to the video industry. Knowing the industry by heart he believes it's time to further grow his company. So first steps first, let's build a steady sales pipeline.

With his amount of experience we believe it's time Karel moves to the forefront to become a real industry thought leader. We start by organizing webinars with over 200 subscribers in combination with a website update and a clear content strategy.

The approach starts to work, with Karel currently looking to expand his team with one more full-time developer.

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THEO Technologies - 2017 & 2019

Prior to Geezer Agency, Ruben Gees (CEO) is part of a small Belgian scale-up called THEOplayer (now officially THEO Technologies) where he was part of the management team responsible for marketing and governmental funding. 

Over the 3 years Ruben is at the company they get two times awarded fastest growing tech company in Belgium in the media industry by the Deloitte Fast-50 awards (1760% growth in 2018 and 2048% growth in 2019). Beginning of 2020, THEO Technologies closes a €5 million seed-capital round.

If you can do it once, you can do it again... So Ruben decides to start his own company.

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