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Marketing Sprints

From Stand-Up to End-of-Sprint Demo

Mini Gids

Sprints know their origin with Scrum, a project management technique popular in the IT world.

Within marketing and sales you can efficiently use this methodology. Even better, using these processes will only make your commercial organisation better. However, you do need to make some small changes to the methodology.

Do you want to know how to get started with sprints? You'll discover it in this mini guide.

Table of Contents

Want to know a little more before you start your download? This is what we'll be talking about.

  • Why marketing dprints?
  • What are sprints and what is scrum?
  • How to start with agile marketing sprints?
  • Basic lane setup
  • Writing your first ticket
  • Starting the sprint
  • Organizing the daily stand up meeting
  • How to move tickets through the different lanes?
  • The proper end-of-sprint demo
  • How to protect your sprint from being hi-jacked?

Enjoy the read

About the author

This guide was written by Ruben Gees, Founder of Geezer Agency.

10 years ago, Ruben managed his first Scrum-IT project.

5 years later he applies the methodology within a commercial organization.

This guide is the ideal start to get to know the principles of scrum & agile.

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